About Us


WHOLE CHILD mission is to create a easy way for parents and teachers to better understand and help improve every aspect of child development from birth to age five.

The Whole Child Program was developed based on Early Education Learning Standards and Milestones to cover every stage at every age to help children build a strong educational foundation, with intellectual, creative, language, emotional, and social skills that will last a lifetime.

The 20+ teachers and seasoned parents team, after years of long hours and has created a unique 365 manuals Birth to Age Five curriculum for child care centers, and a Parenting program that focuses on developing the Whole Child.

The main challenge was converting the extended academic curriculum into an easy to read friendly Program for busy parents teachers and caregivers.

The Program addresses each age: Infant, Toddler, Age Two, Age Three, Age Four in a separate easy to read comprehensive book, followed by age-appropriate workbooks with fun activities, toys, learning materials, and assessment tools.


Whole Child